Monday, September 14, 2009

Sex Songs

An awesome sex song would have to be:
     Sex On Fire
            - Kings of Leon
You can just imagine the movement
awkwardly enough, I recently heard somewhere that the song is about
which can definitely light up urinating, but will most definitely de-flame sexual activities

ps: not from any personal experience would I recall the whole peeing and burning thing. Just complaints from close friends who don't know where to buy condoms

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Total Update on Life in General

"nice guys finish last. But come first ;)" - me

Okay ladies and gentlemen, its been a few months since I've managed to put in any effort to update this blog. 
Shameful, true. 
However, life has kept me busy. Which we all must admit is not a bad thing, since its actually called:
    Having a Life.
School just starting up again, I have time to put in a couple of posts to this poorly managed blog thanks to yours truly. 
I have many interesting summer stories to tell you with the summer anthem being: crazy, crazy, crazy
My news as of late would have to be centered around B. A boy that I met recently at a bar. 
Blonde, 5'11, blue eyes, not too fit, muscle wise, but nice enough 
From what I remember, he was funny and sweet.
However, sadly enough, despite his obvious interest in the huntress (moi), the attraction balance fell heavily to his side. 
I'm thinking, should I give this guy a chance? He's cute and all but there's no chemistry or initial attraction.
Now before you all go and judge me as superficial, take it back immediately.
   I am a dork lover.
Repeat: I love dorks.
If anyone bothers to scroll to my very first few points, one of my main contenders in the Boyfriend Hunt was one named Dorky guy (or something that may vary along those lines)
to get back to my point
                    I love dorks.
                          I was a dork myself.
         Therefore, I have dork blood in me.
      Not to say that B was a dork in particular, but he was a nice guy with no particular edge to him. 
   Sadly, I'm not too sure of this one.
               Friend category, anyone?
    I just don't want to get his hopes up.

X until who knows

Monday, December 8, 2008

the Boyfriend Hunt: The drought

okay, is it just me, or does it happen to be that when you're going through a dry spell, 
you seem to see it everywhere?
Yes, I can tell which couples are goggling each other
signaling their partner for some alone time
oh, how I miss the goggling, and the alone time
I'm trying to teach myself to do the splits
since I have so much free time
stretching is a bitch
try it

until then lovers,
lets hope my legs can spread that far

The huntress

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Boyfriend Hunt: A little trip

I love airports.
I love the feeling of going somewhere new. 
I love the different people streaming in through with their oversized handbags and expensive luggage. 
I love the shopping for chocolate and magazines, with the liquor and cigar store next door. 
I love handing over my passport for them to stamp and signal me through. Even the harassment you get when they ask you to remove your shoes and take your mousse because it was a liquid, even though you thought it was foam (it can happen to anyone). 
I just love the feel of airports. Its a starting point, a launch into a different place. A different journey. 
My parents were always big on traveling. We've been to countless places in Europe over Summer and Winter breaks. 
I travel alone now but I still havent lost my love for airports. In fact, I think it has probably quadrupled thanks to the dinky little college town I live in. 
Also, something really great about airports is you can have such a short affair with the lovely European boys that travel in and out of this airport. 
Oh yummy
trust me. For those of you looking for quick fun
just book a ticket and sit at the airport for as long as possible.
Creepy? Slightly
Fun? Extremely.
             Until then lovers,
                  The boyhuntress

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Boyfriend Hunt: Random Boyhunt Update

My neighbors are having sex. I heard them very clearly through the bathroom walls. 
It made peeing awkward.

until later lovers,
    The Boyhuntress

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Boyfriend Hunt: Simply Sorry, you’re just not the one

"I dont know what he's thinking, but I would be so psyched if we just dated forever" -Kelly Kapoor (The Office U.S)

Alright, so I get the saying beggers can’t be choosers, but honestly, we don’t have to be losers either. We have the right to be slightly picky.

Now I’m about to delve into a situation of mine that recently occurred. And by recently, I’m hinting at this past weekend. And Oh, what a weekend it was!

See, my friend T and I had decided to take a break from this partying hard and always lifestyle we’d acquired since coming to university. We had decided on an all girls weekend, this includes: shopping, restaurants, nauseating chick-flick with the dumb as rock hunk we can drool over. Check, check and check.

However, things did not end up going as planned. At all.

It started out nicely, our trip to the mall was eventful enough. Four hours of eventful. However, the bus ride back I felt like I boarded Noah’s Arc (minus the male counterpart). It was packed and I’m pretty sure we tipped slightly during one of the turns. The smell of sweat mixed with the ever-so-unsubtle smell of alcohol. I happened to mention this out loud,

“Really people? On a bus? This is public transportation, not your in-between party short-stop”

The tiny elderly woman next to me, clinging to the pole for dear life, looked up to me and said,

“Yes, I know, but don’t worry, next time I’ll bring a bigger flask to share”

Oh the many other stories I have to share of my tales of trauma on public transportation. Never take a bus from Best Buy back to campus alone. Drunk men will nudge you and point to other women’s “big ol’ titties” as he so classily put it.

Anyways, enough with the rambling.

So we rented the movie It’s a Boy Girl Thing and popped it in. I changed out of any glamorous articles of clothing into a pair of shorts and sweater, with my hair piled on top of my head, resembling a much older Pebbles (from the Flintstones).

We thought it would be a good idea to invite over A, a foreign exchange student from Spain, who although adorable, he has definitely been placed in the “just friends” category.

Cute face for sure, just lacking confidence and too lanky. Take note boys, this will get you far and beyond.

A arrives drunk. Throws up on my blanket. Throws up in my bathroom. Throws up in T’s bathroom. The goes on to declare his crush on me by spelling out my name. No, don’t worry folks, he didn’t spell it out in his own piss, but a Spanish accent. 

I laughed it off and helped drop him off home. Such a shame, because his friend M is quite the charmer, definitely no place for him in the “Just Friends” category if you know what I mean ;).

More later,



Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Boyfriend Hunt: Random Boy Huntress Fact #1

I read post secret every Sunday. It makes me believe that people are beautiful.